An active and qualitative presence on the Internet is essential for the proper development of a commercial activity. However, in an increasingly competitive environment, a shop must have a website, and sometimes even an online sales site. It is then necessary to be able to make it evolve with the needs of the consumers, in order to remain competitive. Discover in this article how to manage an e-commerce website to ensure that it attracts regular and qualitative traffic, thus increasing the chances of success of the business venture.

Get support

When you start an activity, you may think that the gains will be greater if you walk alone. But teamwork can be very profitable: you can't be an expert in all disciplines, having different talents at your disposal allows you to work faster and more efficiently. Calling on professionals in a specific field avoids wasting time training on an axis that is not your core business, or worse, paying the price for beginner's mistakes. This is particularly the case for the creation of e-commerce sites: a web agency already has the knowledge in webmarketing, design and SEO that you need. This way, you can concentrate on what pays off on a solid foundation: selling! You also benefit from the latest technologies and the latest trends in graphic design (motion design comes to mind).

The mobile first

In 2020, an e-commerce store must adapt to the consumption patterns of Internet users. And when we know that there are now more than 34 million people in France who shop online via a smartphone, your online store has every interest in being mobile friendly. In other words, the pages of your site must be "responsive" and adapt to all screen sizes, especially those of smartphones. In addition, it is important to know that search engines tend to better reference mobile friendly sites.

Technological innovations

Always with a view to adapting to the consumption patterns of Internet users, it is strongly recommended for 2020 to integrate into your website the technological innovations that are all the rage with the general public. This is particularly the case for :
  • Artificial intelligence: this allows you to analyse the behaviour of Internet users and suggest the products that are most likely to interest them.
  • Voice proximity search: more and more consumers are using this type of function to do their searches, so it is necessary to optimize SEO in this sense.

Data protection

Even on the internet, you are not exempt from legal regulations, such as the RGPD. Thus, in the new year, even an online shop must take into account the European Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since 2018. This law should not be seen as a constraint, but rather as a selling point. By respecting the wishes of Internet users regarding the use of their personal data, you will gain their trust. They will thus be more inclined to make purchases on your site.