Opening an account in Great Britain is a real struggle because banks ask for documents that are often difficult to provide. To open a bank account you must be resident in Great Britain for at least 3 months, have a job and a home. The documents to provide are the following: - Identity document - Proof of address in GB (invoice in your name) - Statements of your account in France - Letter from your employer or pay slip certifying that you are working It still happens when you have a job, but for trainees without a work contract it is even harder.

Opening a bank account in England for business

Opening a business bank account (company) not resident in England (UK) you are entitled to: - Bank account number in England (IBAN,SWIFT) - E banking (An internet access 24/7 (to analyse your bank account, debits, credits, right to a digipass, English interface, you will be able to make transfers online) - Credit card choice according to the file (ATM,Travel Cash,Debit,Credit,American Express) - You can cash your cheque (if you don't want to come to England, you send your cheques by post to the address of your bank where your bank account is located in England, with your English bank account number, the date and your signature on the back of the cheque). The cheque will be cashed within 3 weeks or even 1 month of receipt of the cheque. - Collection of drafts - Receipt of SBLC LC - If you have a company in England and a corporate bank account in England you can obtain a distance selling contract on your website, a payment terminal It is time to open a bank account in England of 3 working days or more depending on bank availability and customer file. Visit for more about finding the right bank for business.

Advantages of opening a bank account in England

With its remarkable economic growth, the United Kingdom offers good investment and investment prospects. The country offers a wide range of financial activities, including Europe's leading stock exchange, located in the heart of its capital, London. English banks offer a wide range of credit cards to meet all your needs. Whatever your financial situation, you will be entitled to a bank card adapted to your expenses and your budget. If required, you can have a bank account available in several currencies. This can be useful if, for example, you regularly make payments beyond the borders of Europe.