Forbidden to bank or forbidden to manage, opening a professional bank account in England is a solution close to France. As a successful entrepreneur, you can also open an account outside France to benefit from the unbeatable banking costs of the City of London. Indeed, London remains the world's leading player in the foreign exchange and derivatives market. Our analysis from London! With 30 years of expertise in finance, London has developed over the years a know-how combining technology and financial services. With the help and flexibility of the Bank of England, FinTech start-ups find their promised land in London. In fact, finance is to London what gastronomy is to Paris.

Open a professional bank account in England

The company has been working with London banks since 2008. So we have a network of relationships in the heart of the City of London. Resident or non-resident, you benefit from the best banking partners with Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest, Bank of America, and Credit Suisse. In addition, we also collaborate with subsidiaries of these banks in FinTech, asset management and venture capital. Whether you want to open a professional bank account in the UK, find investors in the UK or manage your assets, you have access to the right contacts and decision-makers. Visit and learn more about opening a business bank account. On the day you need to find banking authorisations, you will be happy to find a contact person who is ready to listen to you.

Open an account outside France

In fact, London is the most important financial centre in the world along with New York. Paris is only 27th in the world. However, the French capital only has a regional role. For its part, London remains the first financial hub in Europe and the second in the world. For your business, having an account abroad is useful if you have partners in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Financial services and technology In fact, financial services in FinTech are booming in the UK and around the world. Yet London's expertise in finance is strengthening the neobanks in England. Living FinTech on a daily basis, we follow developments on a daily basis. To this day, it is undeniable that it brings real solutions for personal or professional accounts. So, we work with London-based banks and the world's biggest FinTech players. However, the clients want a fast and tailor-made service at affordable costs. Therefore, internet banks are the preferred solution for entrepreneurs.

Investors and FinTech

The truth is that foreign investors are based in London and are putting billions into FinTech start-ups in the UK. Since last year, the UK has been the favourite destination for foreign investors, ahead of the USA and China. In political or business terms, the finance and digital industries are the levers of power and success, and therefore influence and prestige in the world. Big stakes between the USA, Europe and Asia!

The service

Throughout the process of opening your bank accounts, you benefit from their assistance and presence. Opening your bank account in GB £, US $ or €. Multi-currency business account in London for your company Ltd. A deposit must be made when opening the account. The first deposit will be paid to the bank by you. For information, Business Booster 247 Ltd does not open Offshore accounts in tax havens or other paradise islands.

Opening a business bank account in England

However, communication with financial institutions is in English. Therefore, we accompany you during the exchanges with your partners. In fact, the objective is to open your various accounts, to set up your online banking, and to obtain an international card with immediate debit. A > Personal account (one shot): €350 B > Professional account (one shot) : 700 €. In the event of refusal by a bank (extremely rare), we undertake to accompany you to other financial institutions. This information is valid until April 2019.