Enhance customer experience is the act of understanding that different customers always view companies depending on the totality of their relationship and interaction with that company and the type of brand they produce. When based on perceived intuition, it is clear that the total experience of a customer is essential to how customers view their experience with a certain company. In simple terms, enhance customer’s experience is all about the total experience of a customer with your company. With the help of an information system calledProduct Information Management (pim), which is a software solution that helps manufacturers or retailers control their products in a central place, a company can enhance their customer's experience. You can visit this link to learn more about pim.

From the moment your eyes spot something you are interested in until the moment you purchase that thing is what can be explained as consumer experience enhancement. So, the general view of a company by a customer is determined not only by the department dealing with customer service but also by every touchpoint in the customer's experience. This means that every point of a customer's experience, either more or less determinant, may contribute negatively to the company's overall consumer experience.

Viewing the customers’ experience on a basic level is a comprehensive process. Therefore, looking over the weaknesses and strengths of this whole process gives you a palpable procedure for the way you will handle customer loyalty and satisfaction. The PXM(Product Experience Management) aims to set a strong bond between customers and the products.

Mapping Customer Experience

This means evaluating the path of a customer when doing business. This path involves the steps your customers take throughout the journey of doing business. From the moment you first interact with your customers until the day they call your company's warranty department like a year later.

The mapping process is critical, especially for large companies, because they can track how a customer found out about their product through a search engine, ads, an affiliate link or a direct URL. From there, they can analyze every step that took place during that process, such as reading reviews, adding to the cart, ordering fulfillment, etc.

Customers’ experience mapping is mainly valuable for large organizations to have various departments. This can help a company identify its organizational silos or the various divisions operating independently and how they can affect experience of the customer.

Breaking up Customer Journey through Organizational Silos

The main importance of organizational silos is that they help in breaking up the customers’ journey. In customer service, the phrase "everyone is in customer service" is highly embraced. It is self-evident that all departments in a company work towards fulfilling customers' needs.
In large companies, all departments and functions are separated. These separate silos may lead to the company being more concerned with turf wars instead of helping to work for the company's good, which, most importantly, will ensure that all customer needs are satisfied.

It is also possible to form silos for small businesses. However, these silos are structural and often mental and therefore, it's not easy to look at the customer experience in a comprehensive manner. But it's often easy for different departments to interact as one can move from one department to another. You'll find that a department is only specialized in one field. For example, in the procurement office, the person in charge is only allowed to work as a procurement manager throughout his career. Thus, this person is fully experienced in this sector, ensuring that the right products are always ordered. On the other hand, the person in charge of shipping is conversant with what customers need and it is easy to deal with them.

This means that breaking down silos in small businesses helps in a smooth flow of information, positively affecting the experience of the customer. This will, in turn, develop a bigger picture that is good for the whole business.

Importance of Organization Silos

Organization silos can present various advantages to a company. First, employees in the same silo can promote a positive relationship with each other, leading to positive relationships in the workplace. Secondly, there is limited interaction with other people outside the silo, which will make them focus on what each person is supposed to do.

Thirdly, there is no cross-department collaboration; hence employees will be used to working with the others that share the same silo.

All these benefits will lead to employees producing quality work leading to increased productivity in the company.


Customers’ experience enhancement is comprehensive to customers' experience. It means looking at every step through the experience of the customer to find out how to manage this experience at every touchpoint of the customer. Therefore, embracing the overall concept of the experience of a customer is an essential exercise that can quickly lead to tangible results.