Globalization has contributed to the removal of state borders around the world. It is now possible to set up in foreign countries to conquer the international market. To do so, countless entrepreneurs choose England. This territory allows them to take advantage of a business climate that is favourable to many sectors of activity.

The attractions of England

It is not for nothing that the United Kingdom is home to many multinationals. The companies based there benefit from the reasonable tax rate. This advantageous taxation gives them the means to better support the diversification of their activities. English companies have more funds available for investment. This means they have no difficulty in expanding. For entrepreneurs, the UK authorities also offer attractive schemes. There are innumerable legal forms of company that more or less preserve the assets of managers. Moreover, the non-domiciled status offers many advantages to expatriates. Everyone can therefore lead a decent lifestyle in England. The labour market is also quite flexible. It is possible to recruit without constraints and salary costs remain reasonable.

How to start a business in England?

Setting up a business in England or founding a company in England can be quite complex for expatriates. Indeed, it will be necessary to open a bank account and English financial institutions ask for a certificate of domicile. This document must prove that the person is indeed resident in England. The foreigner must therefore find a British citizen who will act as guarantor vis-à-vis the banking institution. This intermediary must also take care of all the necessary steps as his client is still in France. Fortunately, many professionals of this kind can be contacted on the Internet. They are experienced consultants who can help anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur in England. These experts advise on the most advantageous legal forms of companies. In addition, they guide new entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with the English market. This will be essential for the economic success of the company. The competition code and other laws governing business activities are different from those applied in France. It will therefore be necessary to relearn all these rules.