Saving money is no longer a matter of giving yourself a piggy bank and pouring coins or notes into it according to your means. For optimum security, but also to make your savings profitable, it is wise to contact a professional savings professional. Which expert to turn to? Which savings formula should you choose to make your financial deposits grow?

Subscribing to savings at the bank

In the search for a competent savings professional, the bank is one of the financial institutions recognized as reliable. Savers turn to this professional to protect themselves from scams and to make their money grow. As savings solutions, the bank has been offering savings books, for example, since January 2009. The Livret A passbook, for example, offers an annual interest rate of 0.75%. The interest is tax-free and the income is not subject to any type of tax. The youth passbook is aimed at young people between 12 and 25 years of age. The interest rate offered is less than or equal to 0.75%. With these formulas, savers see their capital increase over the months and years. The more the capital is not withdrawn partially and inopportunely by the saver, the higher the interest.

Contact an insurer

To take out a savings contract, it is possible to contact an insurer. This type of structure is concerned about the future of citizens and offers various savings solutions, including life insurance. It is a question here of an insurance and savings formula allowing the receipt of a substantial capital at the end of the contract or an annuity for the family in the event of the death of the subscriber. The money thus saved and multiplied tenfold also serves as a supplement to income for retirement. In addition, the Equity Savings Plan is also one of the savings solutions that can be taken out with an insurance company. It is clear that this type of institution also positions itself as a savings professional to be trusted.

Contact a savings and investment broker

A savings and investment broker guides people so they can find the best solution for depositing money to grow that best suits their needs. The savings professional asks his or her clients whether they want to invest in a savings account or in investment solutions. He can also suggest savings products depending on the first deposit to be made, the amount and frequency of money to be deposited, the savings objectives, etc. The individual will then be able to choose the formula that best suits him in full knowledge of the facts. The broker takes charge of the management of the savings, over the long term, until the contract signed by his client comes to an end. He also ensures that the management is carried out with complete transparency. The saver is able to ask for the balance of his account and the benefits obtained at any time and as many times as he wishes.