Many activities allow you to generate income via the web, including blogging. Creating a blog is within everyone's reach and by applying the right techniques, you can earn several hundred euros per month. Here's a closer look at the best ways to make your blog profitable.

Selling advertising space

There are a thousand and one ways to monetize a blog. You can generate passive income by including a few ads, but you still need to master the different advertising formats. First of all, there are banners, which are advertising inserts integrated into a page. You will have to carefully consider the available space, because the banner must not disturb the readers. You can also opt for expand-banners, which only open when the user clicks on them. As for pop-ups, they appear suddenly and hide a large part of the page. The reader will be forced to close the window in order to read the article. There are also pop-under, intestiels and slides in.

Affiliate with brands

In addition to the advertising inserts, a good affiliate program can also make a blog profitable. Affiliation consists of working in partnership with one or more brands. You publish links to their sites and you receive a remuneration per click or as a percentage of the sales made through your blog. In particular, you can promote the good travel deals offered by online travel agencies, such as Go Voyages. This platform was created in 2001 by 9 airlines. Thanks to the site, travellers can find a flight, book a hotel, book a stay or even rent a car.

Making sponsored articles

Successful blogs are the advertising medium of choice for companies and brands that use influence marketing. As a result, bloggers-influencer can generate revenue through sponsored articles. In order to attract the attention of brands, the blog must have a large audience. With numerous and informative articles, good traffic and quality articles, a blog gains visibility on search engines, which attracts the interest of advertisers. To be able to make a profit from sponsored articles, the blogger must differentiate between dofollow and links. The blogger-influencer will also have to master the backlink, as well as the internal meshing... The links must be inserted in the contents, as naturally as possible. In practice, the sponsored article must respect the editorial line of the site. It should not be forgotten that a quality blog will benefit from a better positioning on search engines. As for the brands, they will be highlighted on quality media and will be able to seduce a wider audience. Add to this the sharing on social networks which will increase their visibility tenfold. If sponsored items are so popular, it is because they allow advertisers to reduce advertising costs through qualified and sustainable web positioning. For bloggers, the remuneration is interesting, especially if they accumulate several sponsored articles and if they multiply partnerships with several brands/companies.